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Channelled Meditation is held every Tuesday night from 7.30pm 


Every Tuesday night from 7.30 – 9.30pm, Christine conducts a guided meditation in a very safe and peaceful space, complete with beanbags, relaxing music and the soft glow of candles.  Christine uses visualisation in the meditation, which is helpful in relaxing mind and body as well as gaining insight into yourself and your present life situation.  After the visualisation, there is an opportunity to share your experience with other  people as well as accessing further guidance through oracle cards all while enjoying a hot cup of coffee/tea and very special chocolate biscuits.”

Christine’s meditation gatherings came into my life when I had lost control of my own thoughts, I had lost me the real me.
Christine’s meditations helped me  to  understand, accept and only now voice my true self.
Her classes are welcoming and all are able to speak without judgement.
Christine’s meditations have empowered me to move forward in life with the ability to make better choices and most of all allow myself to be happy.”


Beginners Meditation held by Betty Monday night from 7.30pm 



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